Studies show that American adults are sitting more and more and this habit is endangering their health. Excessive sitting is mostly due to a person’s nature of work which is often found to those who are working in the office or have driving-related jobs.

According to studies conducted by the World Health Organization, sedentary lifestyle has become one of the major reasons for lifestyle-related diseases, which are slowly rising in numbers all across the world.

It has been pointed as the catalysts of cardiovascular and respiratory anomalies which causes debilitating diseases.

University Studies on Campaign and Action

Researchers from the University of Lowa has conducted a study on twenty-seven thousand American adults aged 18 years and above and their exercising habits to reduce the number of hours that a person is sitting down. They monitored the participants’ adherence to the guidelines established by the American Heart Association (AHA) which states that the recommended duration of exercise each week is at least 75 minutes of high-intensity workout and 150 for a moderate-intensity workout. 

Results show that the percentage of people who followed the recommended guidelines did not increase throughout the years also the campaigns have been grown larger. Moreover, the data acquired revealed that an American adult’s average time spent sitting down have significantly increased from 5.7 hours to 6.4 hours per day despite the battle of health organizations to promote less sitting and more exercising.

Call To Action

The results of the study indicate that more and more people are leaning towards an unhealthier lifestyle. Inevitably, dire consequences are expected if a change in lifestyle is not achieved. Because of this, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion have initiated federal guidelines to reverse the effects of this increasing habit. They’ve conducted programs emphasizes on the good effects of exercising and made sure that people would spend less time in a chair.