It’s important to feel safe at home. Mental health is very important. Routines help us get into the rhythm of our everyday life and often they help us settle down after a hard day. To those who work from home because COVID-19 has interrupted you from a normal routine, here are examples of a healthy routine to make for yourself.

Create Your Own Routine

This is your time, remind yourself of that. Don’t create a routine based on somebody else’s needs. Make a routine that works for you. Examples to think about are what time to get up in the morning, preparing breakfast, doing chores, and choosing what to wear for the day.

What Does Your Space Look Like?

Do you live in a house with more than three members? It’s time to create your own space to get away from all the stress and have some necessary ‘you time’ to get what you need finished. This space can be your room, a small office, or even the bathroom. Avoid sitting on the bed or on your couch.


You cannot just stay in one place. Move around. Get some exercise. There are tons of excercises that one can do whether it is inside the house or outside.

Take Breaks

Working from home does not mean that you should work all day. Just like the work environment, you should take a lunch break, go for a walk outside, or do something that is not work-related.

Do You Like That Smell?

Just because you cannot leave the house, doesn’t mean that you should let your pits stink. Good hygiene is a must. Keep your hands clean, take a shower when necessary, and wear a new set of clothes each day instead of pajamas.