Let’s be clear. Therapy is very important. It is a great way for those who have trouble opening up to their family memories about any troubles that are bothering them. Therapists help us understand ourselves in a new light. But, we have to face facts and admit that therapists cost a lot. Here’s what you should do when you cannot afford therapy.

Test a Community Mental Health Center

If therapy is not an option, then you should look into the community mental health centers. These places are known to provide free low-cost therapy options. Look at reviews through Google or talk to other people in your neighborhood if they have attended the health center.

Taking Medication

Taking the right medication can lead to positive results, though it does cost money. Avoid drugs that could alter your mood.

Get a Good Sleep

Sleep is a must, especially for your mental health. Without sleep, it affects our minds and how we make our decisions. Go to bed at a suitable time, and don’t wake up too late. Sleeping the day away is what affects us most.

Importance of Exercising

Not just physically, but for the mind too. Go on a run or go to the gym.

Go Out with Friends

Spending time with friends is the ultimate therapy. Instead of saying no, why don’t you go out for a night on the town to clear your mind and spend some time with friends?

Start Writing

You have a story to tell. Get a journal and make it a diary to log in your thoughts. Journal the emotions that you feel. This is like talking to a therapist in some way. You are your own therapist. How are you going to make your problems better?